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Toss Garter Anyone?

A toss garter is usually thrown to the male guests by the groom after removing it from his bride's leg. Supposedly the person that catches it will be the next to get married! It can be a fun part of the wedding festivities and a fun topic of conversation for some of the guests.

Not all brides want to do a toss garter while some get a lot of enjoyment from the tradition. We always include a powder blue toss garter in the same size as the main garter unless a set is ordered. It is included within the same packaging.

Some of our contemporary brides choose to forego the traditional blue and choose a color to match their garter. That is fine with us and will do it at no additional cost, keeping it simple. We also have some brides who order three garters and toss two of them, blue to the guys and a different one to the ladies. It's their day and we want our brides to be happy. We can also add pearls, crystals or charms so let us know what you have in mind.

BTW, we have lots of new colors like Latte, French Vanilla and White Coffee. What flavor would you like?

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