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Take a Breath.....Please!

Weddings are stressful, very stressful! And that stress takes a toll on everyone directly involved. The big difference is how it's handled.

Some people stress out over the least little things while others just let it slide. Wedding stress has not only ruined friendships, but also future relationships.

Even the best planned wedding will have glitches, some more than others. The secret is planning (even that is not a sure thing though). If you stress at your job, then you will stress at your wedding.

Here are a few of my ideas that may help:

  • If it is a Spring or Summer wedding, have umbrellas for the wedding party.

  • Have a backup plan, especially if the ceremony is being held outside.

  • If children are in the wedding and may not cooperate, tell their parents ahead of time to take them out. And if they are crying, out of the building.

  • Lock up anything valuable. Yes, people do steal at weddings. Don't leave the dressing rooms unattended.

  • It's always a good idea to pay an off-duty law enforcement officer to be on the premises.

  • Unfortunately people don't always RSVP. Be prepared especially if you are paying per person.

  • Limit the alcohol. Talk to your bartenders ahead of time about this. Some guys think nothing of drinking six beers at a time. Don't have the alcohol where it is self-serve.

  • Make sure your hair stylists and makeup people are dependable. Assign someone, if you can't, to check with them a few days before to make sure it's a go for the wedding.

  • Make sure your wedding planner has experience, especially if you are paying for it. Check references BEFORE you hire them, and get a contract if necessary.

  • Tell your florist ahead of time to notify you if there is any kind of change to your order, especially if you are months out from the wedding. YOU are the one that needs to approve any changes to the floral order.

  • And don't assume anything!

If you have any additional ideas, or stories, we would love to hear from you.

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