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Of Flowers and Lace

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Who can imagine a wedding without flowers? Or lace?

#DreamyWhiteGarter #LauraLee Alice

The two are inseparable when it comes to weddings. I am seeing more brides return to the romance of a lace dress with a luxurious mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers. And whether you do fresh or silk, a beautifully styled bouquet makes the moment more special.

For those with allergies (or not), there are so many realistic silk flowers now that it's really hard to tell the difference. I have seen some beautiful hydrangeas that could fool anyone. It's common now for brides to use fresh for their bouquet and silk for the toss.

And speaking of silk, combined with lace it is unbeatable. I saw the most beautiful simple silk dress with a lace bolero jacket and it was breathtaking. I found out later that the bride had wanted to wear her grandmother's wedding dress but there wasn't enough usable lace so she compromised. Her floral designer was even able to use some of the lace in her bouquet along with her grandmother's cameo. It is so important to have a good relationship with all the people involved in your wedding.

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