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....About Wedding Etiquette

#NaturalBeachColors #LauraLee Alice

We all have our favorite colors, right? I had a bride tell me recently that someone told her that her beach wedding had to have blue in it. Really? Just like all the other "must haves" for weddings, it is an idea that someone, somewhere came up with. Who said you have to have a meat and two vegetables for dinner, bacon and eggs for breakfast? Again, it was someone's idea.

Times are dramatically changing, and I agree that it's not always for the better. And your circumstances may dictate your weddings location, budget, etc., but you can still make your own choices, regardless. These days there are so many places on the internet to find ideas.

Many families have wedding traditions that are passed along and that's OK. There is give and take in every aspect of a wedding, but it is YOUR wedding!

And FYI, You can take a clue from nature as we did in the photo. Not a single bit of blue!

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