Crazy Quilt
Echoes of the Past

It took us a while to decide on a name for this page but now we think it's perfect.  It doesn't  just involve garters but other things that we have found to reclaim a bygone era, so to speak.  While we love the elegance of a classic garter, our "antique" garters speak of a time that embraced the luxury of antique laces and ribbons.  It has become quite hard to find true antique lace and honestly, sometimes what we do find isn't in the best shape.  So we have sought out some of the best producers of vintage-looking laces and trims and some are still using their ancient machines!  One of the most beautiful wedding dresses that I have ever seen combined white with other shades of ivory lace.  We love to combine different colors and textures with our double faced satin ribbon and so far it seems to be a success.  These are limited to one of each style, so no duplications.  If you do need a larger size, send us an email and we will do our best to create a special one just for you.

Summer Morning Garter
Softly Sensuous Bridal Garter
Sweet Ivory Garter
Ivory Dream
Poetic Vintage White Garter
French Vanilla Dream
Truly Southern Garter