Custom Garter Deposit

We do require a non-refundable deposit ($75) to get your garter on our schedule.  After  a design is decided upon, it may take up to 3 weeks from receiving your materials and receipt of payment.  We do prefer to correspond using email since it is so much faster.  

Pricing is dependent on materials and the amount of detail.  We will email you several times to make sure you are pleased with the design.

You are welcome to email us anytime at if you have questions.  We try to answer within 24 hours.

Fill out the form on our Custom Garter Page to get started on your personal custom design or purchase our Only For You personal sizing and ribbon color kit ($28).  We do recommend that you do because you get a credit for that on your garter order either way.

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Most popular white garter in our branded box.

Custom Garter Deposit

DISCLAIMER:  Buy paying the deposit, you understand that Laura Lee Alice will disassemble and cut portions of your material to use in your garter design.  Laura Lee Alice is not responsible for any damage (holes, stains, tears or any marks) in your material prior to our receipt of the fabric, during shipping or while in our possession.  Nothing will be done to the material until we have discussed the design from you and received an OK in writing.  We will return all unused fabric when the garter is sent to you.   

If your decision is not to proceed with the custom design, all materials will be returned to you, but the deposit WILL NOT be returned.  Your deposit is only to reserve your space on our schedule.  You are responsible for all additional costs for your garter order.

IF you have any questions, please email us at